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The role of a store manager within our Acai Brothers Prahran store is a role which is highly sought after, and one of continuing opportunity.

It is integral for our manager to display the following characteristics and attributes:

  • Friendly
  • Bubbly
  • Passionate
  • Patient
  • Shows initiative
  • Active
  • Caring
  • Motivating

Managers within the store will receive continuing support, training and guidance both from our Area Manager, and from the Store Owner. Therefore it is essential that managers understand that their role is an ever evolving role within our brand.
Roles within the store that Managers will need to execute, manage and complete include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist with creating and adjusting schedules within store
  • Completing regular stocktakes
  • Completing supplier orders and managing deliveries
  • Managing and leading a successful team
  • Providing continuing training and support for staff
  • Connecting with the local community and executing regular B2B (Business to Business) marketing
  • Creating relevant content for social media
  • Managing and achieving budgets forecast for the store
  • Ensuring a high level of customer experiences are provided
  • Working within the kitchen of the store to complete food handling procedures and cleaning procedures
  • Opening and or closing the store

Manager expectations include:

  • High quality of brand representation both in and outside of store
  • Ensuring all quality standards are continually upheld or dealt with accordingly should quality standards slip
  • B2B is a daily and ongoing occurrence
  • Effective and constant communication with staff and HQ is of a high standard
  • All store procedures, operations and checklists are followed and completed
  • Flexibility with hours to cater for events, promotions and marketing
  • Self education is an ongoing occurrence on current and new products, marketing, promotions and current company policies

Please Quote Reference #AB1256 when applying for the role