Always wanted to ‘Bring the Bowls to the Crowds’, well now’s your chance. Become one of the first to own your very own Acai Brothers Food Truck Franchise. With customers all over Australia wanting to see Acai Brothers at their local events and festivals, we have finally developed the very first mobile Acai Brothers Food Truck concept. Dubbed the ‘Bro Truck’, be the stand out at any event with one of Australia’s first Superfood Bar’s on wheels.


How do I find events for the Bro Truck?

Unlike an Acai Brothers store where you have a fixed location that potentially guarantees customers will be walking past your doors, a Bro Truck is very different. Finding events for you to take your Bro Truck to is the key to any successful food truck owner. As a Bro Truck franchisee, you will be expected to source and find your own events, with at times the assistance of HQ in order to bring the crowds to you. Building a calendar of events that maximise the use of the Bro Truck is key to extracting the most from your territory. Building relationships with businesses, organisations, schools and any other group that maybe responsible for an event that brings people together in the one place is a must to ensure you achieve success in this business model. If you consider yourself a master relationship builder, and an outgoing person who thrives on getting out and meeting new people, then The Bro Truck is your perfect business model. You will find that some of the events are not as viable as others due to the size of the crowd or as a result of the site fee paid, however, if you can start to define your market, you will ensure you can extract the best results out of any event you sign up to.

What are Food Truck site fees?

Food truck site fees are effectively “rent” or payment paid to the event organiser, the land owner or the group that has brought together the event that you are attending. Costs for this can vary, however we have seen with exciting concepts like the Bro Truck, it’s extremely possible to land your truck at certain events for very little to NO cost, none the less, it is important you account for these fee’s when choosing and determining the profitability of any event. These Fee’s can be a fixed fee payable for the duration of the event, a percentage of the sales you make, a cost or donation per drink sold, or even a site fee based on the size of the site you require. In addition to a site fee, trucks can also be charged electricity, waste disposal and storage. We’ve found that the key to keeping these costs down while still achieving a fantastic outcome, is sometimes choosing the less commercial sites to set up your truck, one’s that guarantee decent foot traffic amongst your key demographic, while potentially coming with minimal to no site fee’s.

Can I have multiple Bro Truck’s in the one territory?

Yes, you can have more than one Bro Truck in your territory. In fact, as your franchise grows, in order to cope with the demand, we would actually suggest you looking to owning multiple trucks to service your customers. Yes, you can also look to expand and buy extra territories, however, along with the cost of another truck, you must account for the fact that another territory will come with another territory fee.

What sort of storage is required for my Bro Truck?

Firstly, you’re likely to require a garage, shed or even warehouse to store your Bro truck. You then should consider the ingredient storage and packaging storage required to keep all your goods. This can include space and equipment for frozen goods, refrigerated goods or dry goods. This needs to be in a clean space that won’t attract unwanted rodents and somewhere accessible regularly to re-stock and unload your truck after a big event.

Which products do I sell from the Bro Truck?

Just like a store, you can only sell approved Bro Truck products in your truck. The menu we have chosen is a more dynamic offering based off the most popular products seen in our stores. We have however changed  them slightly to ensure even faster and easier production so you can reach the demand of the customers at events, as well as keep a consistent quality and visual appearance of your product within such limited confines (truck). The menu itself includes bowls, smoothies, kids menu, treats and baked goods and of course coffee. All of these products will still mean you have a large variety to offer at a variety of different events, and that you can cater to a much larger demographic of customer, from your mum and dad at a cold sporting event during the week, to a summer music festival or school carnival.

The Inline concept has been developed with the aim to bring the Acai Brothers brand and product to a larger demographic of consumer while still allowing a streamlined approach to function-ability and management of the brand for franchisees.

Designed using the full-scale menu and our most up-to-date systems and equipment, the inline model is easy to learn, fast, and holds itself perfectly to larger volume locations, without the need for large foot-prints or increased people-power in store. Implemented for sites best suited to dine-in and takeaway food service, the inline concept is our most comprehensive service model.


What is the preferred size of a store?

The Inline model is our largest footprint and can function off a store size of 40-60sq.m

Is the menu smaller in this option?

Yes we use the fully-fledged menu in the inline store, including Acai bowls, smoothies, juices, toasties and coffee. This concept therefore holds itself to both a dine-in and takeaway food service model.

Is their indoor seating in this model?

Yes. Inline concept has indoor seating, and actually has the largest footprint of all concepts that’s designated to seating.

What is the total investment for a Inline Model??

The investment for an inline store can range from 200k-240k.

The kiosk concept, like our is our inline concept, also provides customers with a fully-fledged menu offering. The model itself is best suited to large strip locations and primarily shopping centre sites and has been designed to cater to larger consumer audience needs and areas containing dense foot traffic and a more “on-the-go” style food service offering.

Designed primarily as a takeaway unit only, seating in these locations are limited and the ability for sit down or dine-in options most times doesn’t exist.


Is this model best for strip shop locations or shopping centres?

The kiosk model has been built to serve dense foot-traffic, on-the-go style food requirements, and as such is primarily implemented in Shopping Centre sites.

Why is the kiosk model a larger investment than the Inline?

As the kiosk model has been built for Shopping Centre sites, the total investment is usually higher due to the complexity of the design being a kiosk (more joinery and building requirements), the materiality requirements of the centre and the labour time required to build out.

However, being a shopping centre site, it is important to note that on occasions a monetary incentive can be provided to assist with these increased costs, however, should not be expected when making your decision as to which model suits you best.

Is the menu less diverse in a kiosk model?

No. The Acai Brothers kiosk store even though functioning on a smaller footprint to the inline store, does not mean a decreased menu offering, instead the only change is the ability to service dine-in customers, with the majority of these sites being focussed on takeaway and delivery service only.

What size footprint is a kiosk store?

The kiosk model functions off a minimum of 25sq.m and a maximum of 35sq.m